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Bluestone Surfcraft - Mockup2.EV-01.png


Blue Stone Surfcraft

Shapes & Designs by Davey Smith

Making Waves

When Doodle Bug Social Club was first approached by surf legend Davey Smith, best known as a pioneer of the floater maneuver in the late 1970s, we knew it would be something special!

We were approached with the task of developing a unique and original brand logo and identity to help establish his newly founded handmade surfboard company Bluestone Surfcraft. 


Brand Identity

Davey, being a Santa Barbara local and having started his career in Southern California, it was important to us to showcase this heritage in the development of the brand. 

Much like Davey's signature fast, compact, and innovative surfing style we designed a logo that feels sleek and modern but retains a timeless and classic aesthetic.

The nested triangular logo represents Santa Barbara's iconic coastline, where the mountains meet the sea in harmony creating the perfect surf sanctuary for locals and wave seekers alike.

Bluestone Hat1.png
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